Infosys has released what it calls a enterprise-class integrated DevOps platform into open source. According to the company’s Chief Operating Officer Pravin Rao, “enterprises pursuing digital transformation require Agile and DevOps at scale to rapidly adopt new technologies, transform legacy systems and respond swiftly to new requirements.” The Infosys DevOps Platform is meant to address this.

According to the company, the platform aims to make Agile and DevOps staging simpler for developers and managers by:

  • Providing scalable prebuilt scripts and DevOps pipelines to speed up application onboarding
  • Preconfigured pipelines and tools for a variety of functions “including COTS, Big Data, Legacy, Mobile, Custom Software and Cloud Technologies”
  • Scriptless automation, which the company believes will help drive companies towards continuous deployment
  • Value-stream visualization
  • Governance and data privacy-minded workflows and job encryption

“With Infosys DevOps Platform, our clients have achieved reduction of build and deployment cycle times by up to 50 percent, near zero environment issues, and improved application quality,” Rao said in the open-source announcement. “With this Open source platform, clients can innovate faster with the open source community and mutually benefit from the shared experiences.”