Code search and navigation engine Sourcegraph went open-source this week alongside the introduction of new features aimed at welcoming community contribution. In the announcement, Sourcegraph CEO Quinn Slack said the move brings Sourcegraph more in line with the company’s “master plan.”

This plan includes a dedication to: 

  • “Make basic code intelligence ubiquitous (for every language, and in every editor, code host, etc.)
  • Make code review continuous and intelligent
  • Increase the amount and quality of open-source code”

Slack says that input from the open-source community will allow Sourcegraph to reach a wider audience naturally and move the company closer to its goals.

“All of our customers, many with hundreds or thousands of developers using Sourcegraph internally every day, started out with a single developer spinning up a Sourcegraph instance and sharing it with their team,” Quinn wrote in the open-source announcement. “Being open-source makes it even easier to use Sourcegraph.”

In the months leading up to the open-source release of Sourcegraph, the team had implemented features like easier configuration and deployments and Sourcegraph extensions. The open-source launch accompanies the release of “code discussions,” which allows for comments and inline-discussion posts on source code.

“Beyond open-sourcing Sourcegraph’s code and development, we’re also opening up other product and company processes,” Slack wrote in the announcement. “Our product roadmap, browser extension, website, open job posts, and much more are now public, too. And the Sourcegraph master plan has always been public.”

The current features of Sourcegraph listed on the project’s GitHub repository are: 

  • “Fast global code search with a hybrid backend that combines a trigram index with in-memory streaming
  • Code intelligence for many languages via the Language Server Protocol
  • Enhances GitHub, GitLab, Phabricator, and other code hosts and code review tools via the Sourcegraph browser extension
  • Integration with third-party developer tools via the Sourcegraph Extension API”

Sourcemap’s now-public roadmap is available on its GitHub page.