Cambridge Quantum Computing today announced the latest 0.6 version of t|ket>, its high-performance quantum software development kit (Q-SDK), which now enables quantum circuit execution on Amazon Braket.

The latest release extends the number of supported devices, simulators and development frameworks, enhances circuit optimization and noise mitigation techniques, and extends operating system support. 

t|ket> works across virtually all quantum hardware devices and quantum programming languages and can be easily migrated between devices by changing just a single line of code to connect devices across a developer’s research program.

New Google Play Console features
The two new features in the Google Play Console include a Publishing overview page that helps users better understand their publishing process and Managed publishing, which gives users better control of when their app updates go live on Google Play.

The new Publishing overview page displays all recent changes to your releases, store listings, and more, including those that are currently being reviewed or processed by Google Play. 

Meanwhile with Managed publishing, approved changes will only go live when users decide. 

Call for Code winner announced
The top prize for the competition went to Agrolly, an application to help the world’s small farmers cope with the environmental and business challenges of climate change.

Call for Code also introduced a new initiative—Call for Code for Racial Justice—to urge its international community of hundreds of thousands of developers to contribute to solutions to confront racial inequalities.

The 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge had asked developers to create solutions to help communities fight back against climate change and COVID-19. 

Cohesity and AWS team up on data management as a service (DMaaS)
The DMaaS solution is designed to provide enterprise and mid-size customers with a radically simple way to back up, secure, govern, and analyze their data, all managed directly by Cohesity and hosted on AWS.

“Cohesity and AWS are also focused on helping customers derive value from data. Through AWS, customers can access a wealth of AWS services, including Amazon Macie, to help customers meet compliance needs, and Amazon Redshift for analytics. We are thrilled to collaborate with AWS and look forward to ushering in a new era in data management for customers globally,” said Mohit Aron, the CEO and founder of Cohesity.

The solution provides a comprehensive set of data management services, advanced security and ransomware detection, sophisticated cloud-based services that derive additional value from data, and more. 

Couchbase Lite and Couchbase Sync Gateway 2.8
The release’s new functionality enables secure data sync from cloud to edge and directly between edge devices, guarantees applications are always available and responsive in real time.

The new replication capability in Couchbase Sync Gateway 2.8, in combination with Couchbase Lite 2.8 and Couchbase Server, supports the distributed cloud model at every tier — from the cloud to the edge —  securely synchronizing data between web, mobile, and IoT apps and the backend database as well as between cloud and edge data centers.

Additional details are available here.