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Google Play gets new features for improving app quality, adoption, and purchase experience

At its annual developer conference Google I/O, Google announced several updates across Google Play that help developers optimize their apps and increase engagement with users. New features to improve app quality, trust The company is opening up the SDK Console to all SDKs that come from a verifiable Maven repository source. Previously it was only … continue reading

Google shares new Google Play updates that prioritize high quality apps

Google is continuing its ongoing effort to make Google Play a place for finding high-quality applications. The company has announced a number of new features that Android developers should be aware of. Earlier this year, Google had announced that developers would now need to meet new verification requirements before publishing their apps.  In acknowledgment of … continue reading

Google Play updated with new features to keep users safer

Over the past few months, Google has provided updates on its significant privacy and security efforts, aiming to assist users in adapting to forthcoming changes and utilizing new tools and resources, such as improved account data transparency and controls available in the app’s Data Safety section and the introduction of new functionality for Android 14.  Google … continue reading

Google announces updates to Android, Google Cloud, Workspaces, Google Play, and more at Google I/O

Today at Google I/O 2023, Google’s developer conference, several updates to Google products and services were announced in order to offer developers improved experiences. Among these announcements was the launch of the Watch Face Format. This offers developers a new way to build watch faces for Wear OS smartwatches with a declarative XML format to … continue reading

Google Play celebrates 10th birthday with new features for developers

In celebration of the Play Store’s 10th birthday, Google has announced upcoming updates to benefit both developers and customers.  It will raise the bar for quality, by promoting high-quality apps in the store. To facilitate this, it is introducing new quality thresholds for app developers to meet. Two new Core Vitals that will be measured … continue reading

Google Play to update target level API requirements

Google is introducing policy changes to Google Play to better protect Android users. New target level API requirements will prevent users from installing apps that don’t have the latest privacy and security features.  Beginning on November 1, 2022, existing apps that don’t target an API level that is within two years of the most recent … continue reading

Google Play introduces updates for users to find apps optimized for their screen

The Android development team has announced changes being made in Google Play in order to allow users to discover and engage with high quality apps and games on large or foldable screens.  These changes are being introduced as three main updates: ranking and promotability changes, alerts for low quality apps, and device-specific ratings and reviews. … continue reading

Android announces 2022 safety initiatives for Google Play

The Android development team announced initiatives being put in place for Google Play to ensure user safety. According to the team, over the past year safety has been at top of mind and the team has partnered with developers to help protect their apps, prepare them to share their data safety practices with users, and … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Data safety in Google Play Console; Developer portal for Teams now available; Olive launches app store for healthcare

The Android development team announced that it will be incorporating the Data safety form in Google Play Console. Additional guidance is also available in the help center, developer guide, Play Academy Course, and more. The rollout will happen gradually over the next few weeks as access is slowly expanded to everyone. In order to submit … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Android giving extension to comply with new Play Payments Policy, Sentry performance monitoring for iOS and Release Health for Python, Sysdig to acquire Apolicy

Android stated that it would extend the September 30th deadline for adhering to the Google Play Payments policy to March 31st, 2022.  Starting on July 22nd, developers can appeal for an extension through the Help Center. Android said it will review each request and get back to requests as soon as possible. Additional details are … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Google Play developer updates, New Relic launches Errors Inbox, OpenLogic by Perforce adds support for Rocky Linux and other CentOS alternatives

Google announced that it is investing in better cross-device experiences by opening its Play Media Experience Program to developers globally. The integrations include Google’s Video TV, video, subscription music, audio services as well as the new Entertainment Space.  “Through these integrations, we enable new discovery and re-engagement opportunities for developers to accelerate their overall growth … continue reading

SD Times news digest: LogDNA’s Browser Logger, Rust released, and Google Play to launch new safety section

LogDNA announced a new browser logging capability designed to enable full-stack and front-end developers to ingest frontend log data into LogDNA more efficiently to debug web applications. The new feature automatically captures errors and logs occurring in the user’s browser and allows dev teams to centralize those errors alongside server-side logs, according to the company. … continue reading

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