Android stated that it would extend the September 30th deadline for adhering to the Google Play Payments policy to March 31st, 2022. 

Starting on July 22nd, developers can appeal for an extension through the Help Center. Android said it will review each request and get back to requests as soon as possible.

Additional details are available here

Sentry performance monitoring for iOS and Release Health for Python 

Sentry released its Performance Monitoring for iOS and Release Health for Python to give developers a deeper view into application health to deliver consistent, seamless product experiences. 

Developers can associate slow user experiences with the backend call that needs attention.

With Release Health for Python, they can surface user experience issues and pinpoint exactly where a release began to degrade in Python-based applications.

The new solution also offers metrics for version adoption, crash-free sessions, crash-free users and real-time crash reporting and run-time errors within a single view.

Sysdig to acquire Apolicy 

Sysdig announced its intent to acquire Apolicy for infrastructure as code security with auto-remediation.

Customers can now detect runtime drift and instantly map it back to the IaC configuration (source) file, and Sysdig’s solution will now consolidate alerts by identifying the production instances that are affected by the IaC error and prioritizing IaC fixes based on application context.

Customers can also now bridge the gap between developers, DevOps and security teams with a unified view of security requirements using policy as code, according to Sysdig in a post

Vertica 11 released

Vertica announced the Vertica 11 Analytics Platform, which includes major features and enhancements to delivering unified analytics and machine learning across multi-cloud and multi-regional deployments with self-service container workflows.

“In Vertica 11, we expanded Vertica in Eon Mode to the Azure cloud, delivered support for Docker containers and Kubernetes, extended our market lead in advanced analytics and machine learning including time series forecasting, and much more. The feature list goes on and on – Vertica 11 is truly the unified analytics platform with the fastest performance at unlimited scale,” said Colin Mahony, the senior vice president and general manager of Vertica at Micro Focus, the company behind the solution. 

With the latest release of VerticaPy, Vertica 11 now includes more in-database machine learning, connection, and data exploration capabilities. 

Additional details on the new version are available here