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Canonical announces general availability of Charmed MLFlow

Canonical has officially released Charmed MLFlow, their version of the well-known machine learning platform. Charmed MLFlow is designed for tasks like model registry and experiment tracking and seamlessly integrates with AI and big data tools like Apache Spark and Kubeflow.  It’s flexible and can be deployed on various infrastructure types, from workstations to public and … continue reading

JFrog adds new ML model management and security capabilities

JFrog users can look forward to some new products across the company’s vast portfolio of DevOps products. At its SwampUP conference today, the company announced new management capabilities for machine learning (ML) models and released a new tool for writing and releasing secure applications. The new ML capabilities enable companies to detect and block malicious … continue reading

UserTesting announces friction testing capability

UserTesting announced machine learning innovations to the UserTesting Human Insight Platform to help businesses gain the context needed to understand and address user needs. One update is friction detection powered by machine learning to visually identify moments in both individual video sessions, and across multiple videos, where people experience friction behaviors like excessive clicking or … continue reading

Charmed Kubeflow 1.7 adds support for serverless ML workloads

Canonical, the publishers of the Ubuntu operating system, have announced the latest version of Charmed Kubeflow, its open-source MLOps platform. Charmed Kubeflow 1.7 adds the ability to run serverless ML workloads, which increases developer productivity by reducing routine tasks and handling infrastructure for them. Another win for developers is that new dashboards will improve user … continue reading

PyTorch 2.0 introduces accelerated Transformer API to democratize ML

The PyTorch team has officially released PyTorch 2.0, which was first previewed back in December 2022 at the PyTorch Conference.  PyTorch is a Linux Foundation machine learning framework that was originally developed by Meta.  This release includes a high-performance implementation of the Transformer API. It supports more use cases now, such as models using Cross-Attention, … continue reading

TensorFlow announces its roadmap for the future with focus on speed and scalability

The team behind the machine learning model TensorFlow recently released a blog post laying out the ideas for the future of the project.  According to the TensorFlow team, the ultimate goal is to provide users with the best machine learning platform possible as well as transform machine learning from a niche craft into a mature … continue reading

Domino 5.3 available to improve data science access

Domino 5.3 was released to improve how organizations can get the most of data science across any cloud or on-premises infrastructure.  The new version introduces a private preview of Domino Nexus hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities and an expanded suite of connectors to simplify and democratize access to critical data sources. On top of that, new … continue reading

OctoML launches new machine learning platform expansion

Today OctoML, provider of a machine learning acceleration platform, released a major platform expansion in order to accelerate the development of AI-powered applications by eliminating bottlenecks in machine learning development.  This release is intended to enable app developers and IT operations teams to transform trained machine learning models into agile, portable, production-ready software functions that … continue reading

Data Profiler: Capital One’s open-source machine learning technology for data monitoring

With the move to the cloud, the amount of data that companies are able to manage has grown exponentially. This is why Capital One created Data Profiler, the open-source Python library that utilizes machine learning in order to help users monitor big data and detect information that should be properly protected.   Data Profiler brings users … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: KServe

KServe is a tool for serving machine learning models on Kubernetes. It encapsulates the complexity of tasks like autoscaling, networking, health checking, and server configuration. This allows users to provide their machine learning deployments with features like GPU Autoscaling, Scale to Zero, and Canary Rollouts.  Created by IBM and Bloomberg’s Data Science and Compute Infrastructure … continue reading

Amazon releases new natural language query tool

AWS announced the release of Amazon QuickSight Q, a natural language query tool for the Enterprise Edition of QuickSight.  It uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to discover the intent behind questions and is able to answer questions that refer to all data sources supported by QuickSight, according to AWS.  This includes data from all AWS … continue reading

Why machine learning models fail

Machine Learning is quickly becoming an important tool for automation, but failing models and improper background knowledge are creating more issues than they are solving.  “I think to build a good machine learning model… if you’re trying to do it repeatedly, you need great talent, you need an outstanding research process, and then finally you … continue reading

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