Domino 5.3 was released to improve how organizations can get the most of data science across any cloud or on-premises infrastructure. 

The new version introduces a private preview of Domino Nexus hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities and an expanded suite of connectors to simplify and democratize access to critical data sources. On top of that, new GPU inference can help to productionize data science projects such as deep learning. 

“Modern enterprise data science teams need access to a wide variety of data and infrastructure across different clouds, regions, on-premises clusters and databases,” said Nick Elprin, co-founder and CEO of Domino Data Lab. “Domino 5.3 gives our customers the ability to use the data and compute they need wherever it lives, so they can increase the speed and impact of data science without sacrificing security or cost efficiency.”

Users have access to pre-built connectors that point to widely used data sources, advanced search capabilities, and integrated data versioning.

The platform, which can help train advanced deep learning models for AI, now can extend those advantages to model deployment with no DevOps skills required. Also, companies involved in the Nexus private preview can now restrict access to data by region and get more granular control over how to enforce compliance in very specific ways depending on the data location or sovereign regulations.

Additional details on Domino 5.3 are available here.