To help ISVs prevent lost revenue from pirated software, Vi Labs, a provider of piracy-detection software, introduced yesterday CodeArmor Intelligence 3.0, its software license compliance solution.

Built on,’s enterprise cloud computing platform, CodeArmor Intelligence aggregates a huge set of data from the total number of unique machines using an ISV’s software, explained Victor DeMarines, vice president of products for Vi Labs. That number also correlates to the number of licenses that are infringed upon by an organization.

This integration with the platform also utilizes Salesforce Chatter collaboration features to provide a “staging area to view all the data, and a place for users to make actionable decisions,” he added.

“ISVs can now review their data in a dashboard, and leverage both detailed reports and filtering capabilities to make data-driven decisions about which companies to pursue first or which geographical locations require the most attention,” said Joseph Noonan, Vi Labs’ president and CEO.

Other new features in CodeArmor Intelligence 3.0 include added support for Visual Studio 2010 environments, and remote management and status checks on CodeArmor Intelligence deployments. There is also expanded piracy detection of Virtual Machines users, which enables CodeArmor users to detect and report on unauthorized VM use.

Version 3.0 is available now through a tiered annual subscription based on revenue from an ISV’s product.