JavaScript developers working on client-side applications have another set of tools to add to their arsenal. The Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) is a collection of open-source JavaScript libraries aimed at intermediate to advanced developers. The kit is designed to make it easier and more efficient to build apps that interact with Oracle.

“Oracle JET is a modular toolkit allowing developers to use as much or as little of the features as they desire,” according to the project’s website.

The toolkit aims to give developers enterprise-ready features lacking in existing JavaScript frameworks and libraries, such as accessibility and internationalization support for UI components. The toolkit provides a rich set of data visualization, an advanced routing system for single-page applications, common two-way data binding with simplified integration with services over protocols, and smart resource management for lighter apps.

The Oracle JET team recently released Oracle JET 2.0, which features a Yeoman generator for creating new apps, mobile hybrid support, new data visualization components and enhancements, a new polyfill that enables cross-platform drag-and-drop support, and a new Flex-based responsive CSS layout system.

Oracle JET comes with a full developer’s guide to help with getting started and other common issues. Pull requests are not currently being accepted, but there are other ways for developers to contribute.

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