Project Reaqtor

The .NET Foundation announced the release of Project Reaqtor, an open-source set of framework components for building distributed event processing systems across cloud and devices. The project came out of a collaboration from the foundation, Microsoft and Endjin.

According to the foundation, the project has been 10 years in the making and is an evolution of its Reactive Extensions (Rx) project. Project Reaqtor has already been implemented into Microsoft’s backend Cortana service and Bing data centers. 

“Reaqtor evolves Reactive Extensions (Rx) by adding state & durability primitives to enable long running “Rx as a Service” queries, for processing live or historic data streams,” the foundation wrote on the project’s website. “Real world deployments of Reaqtor handle billions of standing stateful queries, processing thousands of events per second.”

The project is available under the MIT open-source license and requires .NET SDK version 5.0 or later to build. 

More details are available here