Episode 1:

The Best Way to Manage Development Secrets

Protecting sensitive data like API keys, passwords, and encryption keys is crucial. With applications sprawling across various environments, managing these secrets securely can become a complex challenge. Brian Vallelunga, CEO of Doppler, dives deep into the concept of secrets management, explaining:

  • What are secrets and why are they critical?
  • The risks of uncontrolled secrets sprawl
  • The benefits of implementing a centralized secrets management solution.
  • Best practices for secure secrets storage, access control, and rotation.


Secrets Sprawl Resources


Where to start?

Episode 2:


The Future of Secrets Management

As the digital landscape evolves, so too must our approaches to safeguarding development secrets. 

In this microwebinar, Brian Vallelunga, CEO of Doppler, and Hamza Sharif, head of solutions engineering at Doppler, explore three areas that they believe will alter the future of secrets management: compliance bodies, identity-based authorization, and machine learning and AI. They will walk through how secrets management providers will have to adapt in response to those advancements. 


Episode 3:

Supercharge your Secrets Management

Feeling curious about Doppler and how it can supercharge your secrets management? Hamza Sharif, Head of Solutions Engineering, dives deep into the platform’s features and shows you how to leverage them for maximum security and efficiency.

What you’ll learn:

  • Centralized Secrets Management: Discover how Doppler simplifies storage, access control, and rotation of all your secrets (API keys, passwords, credentials) in one secure location.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Explore features like automated secret rotation, environment variables, and integrations with popular DevOps tools to boost your development speed and security posture.
  • Advanced Security Controls: Uncover Doppler’s robust security features like granular access controls, audit logs, and encryption at rest and in transit for complete peace of mind.

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