Adaptive Shield, which provides SaaS security posture management, has just announced new features aimed at enabling users to locate and monitor third-party applications connected to the core SaaS stack. 

The goal of this release is to minimize the risk that SaaS-to-SaaS presents by allowing teams to manage sanctioned apps and discover apps that have access to the company’s data.

“As SaaS app dependency grows, so too does our comfort level in using these apps — this is why many grant access without considering the possible consequences. As a result, third-party app access has become the new executable file,” said Maor Bin, co-founder and CEO of Adaptive Shield. “Now, with these new capabilities, whether employees have connected 50 to 5000 apps, Adaptive Shield equips security professionals with the solution to regain control over their SaaS Security.”

According to the 2022 SaaS Security Survey Report from Adaptive Shield and the Cloud Security Alliance, 56% of organizations adopting SaaS applications said that their number one concern is the lack of visibility into connected apps. 

These new capabilities are intended to address this challenge that becomes exacerbated when employees connect several SaaS applications to the core stack without understanding the security risks or checking with the security team.

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