Auth0 announced Auth0 Signals, a collection of threat intelligence tools and product capabilities designed to protect customers from identity attacks. The release coincides with the company’s acquisition of anti-abuse company

According to the company, the acquisition will provide a crucial source of IP threat intelligence to it’s Anomaly Detection engine, which detects malicious and risky login traffic to protect customers from automated attacks, such as credential stuffing and fake account creation.

Auth0 Signals is designed to continually analyze numerous risk signals, including IP reputation, use of breached passwords, and failed authentication volume and then assesses the risk of a transaction, login attempt, or session. 

The collective data gathered from Auth0 Signals produces a Confidence Score that Auth0’s platform then uses to prompt adaptive authentication, or intelligent and dynamic enforcement of controls, such as multi-factor authentication or blacklisting, based on risk.

“We have always been a developer-centric company, and wanted to provide a free resource to the application builder community for added value and security,” said Matias Woloski, the CTO and co-founder of Auth0. “By inserting threat intelligence and risk analysis into the IAM system, we’re reducing identity attack opportunities, offering a frictionless experience, and saving critical time and money for our customers.”

Recent internal data from Auth0 revealed that up to 67% of traffic going through Auth0 at any given time is suspicious, and 6% of IPs sending traffic to Auth0 are known to be blacklisted on the web, yet they are sending 50% of the total traffic to Auth0. Auth0 Signals will help block that fraudulent traffic from breaking into user’s accounts, according to the company.

“This provides security practitioners with a comprehensive way to proactively identify fraudulent IP addresses and verify IP and email reputation, which can be used to prevent credential stuffing attacks and synthetic account creation. These types of attacks result in an average of more than $6 million a year in costs per company,” Auth0 wrote in a post.

Auth0 IP Signals is a free tool that will be fully integrated into Auth0’s core authentication platform in Q2 2020.

More details on the acquisition and new release are available here.