Checkmarx has announced several new capabilities at this week’s RSA Conference in San Francisco in the hopes that it will enable security at scale. The latest version of the Checkmarx Software Exposure Platform adds more to the management and orchestration layer of the product.

According to the company, the new release will offer a more streamlined way of managing policies, enabling organizations to better define their goals and determine specific risk thresholds for certain applications.

In addition, the new capabilities will allow teams to correlate vulnerabilities across the development lifecycle, which will lead to higher confidence in results, the company explained. The product’s new intelligent remediation engine filters out false positives and makes correlations that will further increase confidence levels.

There is also a new Software Exposure Dashboard that sorts vulnerabilities by project, offering better visibility.

“Software security continues to increase in its significance and importance as a security practice in line with digital transformation and software growth,” said Assaf Dar, chief product development officer, Checkmarx. “We are committed to helping our customers run their software security programs at scale across their entire portfolio, across the entire SDLC. Checkmarx’s unified Software Exposure Platform addresses software security from end-to-end empowering organizations to move to a true DevSecOps model and deliver secure software faster.”