CompTIA and ConnectWise launched a new training program to expand the nation’s cybersecurity and technology workforce through paid apprenticeships.

The collaboration was announced following the recent Cyber Workforce and Education Summit at the White House where the Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Sprint challenged IT leaders to expand Registered Apprenticeships in cybersecurity. 

“We focus so much on top level cybersecurity experts that we forget the majority of this work is done by rank-and-file cyber professionals,” said Todd Thibodeaux, the CompTIA president and CEO, who participated in the White House summit. “They work with end users, maintain and secure networks and defend against phishing and other threats to keep everyone and everything working securely. It is with these frontline positions where the most sizable staffing deficits exist, something we intend to address with this program.”

According to data from CyberSeek, there were 714,548  job postings for cybersecurity job roles and skills during a 12-month period up until April this year, which further highlights the need for this apprenticeship program.  

CompTIA and ConnectWise will contribute their education, training, and certifications to prepare apprentices for five high-demand cybersecurity roles: Tech Support Specialist, Network Support Specialist, Cybersecurity Support Technician, Tech Project Coordinator and Data Analyst. 

“The ability to anticipate, identify and respond to cyber threats is essential in each of these job roles,” said Amy Kardel, senior vice president for strategic workforce partnerships at CompTIA. “Apprentices will receive comprehensive cybersecurity training in the knowledge and skills they will need to protect American businesses.”