Robert Haynes, open source and SCA evangelist at Checkmarx

As the Application Security Testing (AST) pioneer and leader, Checkmarx has been relentless in our mission to continuously innovate, leading the industry with solutions that measurably improve security for software-driven organizations that develop their own applications. The Checkmarx suite of AST solutions fits perfectly into modern development environments. Our solutions enable integrated and automated security testing at all stages of the SDLC, while empowering our customers to accelerate development, delivery, and deployment timelines for more secure, mission-critical applications. 

Checkmarx delivers the industry’s most comprehensive static and interactive application security testing, software composition, and infrastructure as code analysis solutions, along with a groundbreaking developer AppSec awareness and training platform. Together, they help organizations reduce and remediate risk from software vulnerabilities. Organizations that adopt Checkmarx solutions, deployed on-premises or in hybrid and full cloud implementations, empower their developers and security teams to improve software security easily, and at scale.

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Checkmarx offers a list of services that let you shift critical aspects of your software security program to our experts, allowing you to effectively scale your team and achieve your risk management goals faster and more efficiently. 

Checkmarx Managed Services include: 

  • Private Hosting: Supporting cloud-based software security initiatives in secure, compliant, private cloud environments.
  • AppSec Accelerator: Combining our leading AST solutions with services from dedicated Checkmarx security experts to offload and enhance your software security programs.

Checkmarx Professional Services are focused on addressing your critical secure software development needs with enterprise-class deployment and onboarding. 

After 15 years of innovation and growth, Checkmarx is trusted by more than 40 of the Fortune 100 companies and half of the Fortune 50. Recommendations from industry analyst firms, customer validations, testimonials, and widespread recognition are key indicators that you are making the right choice with Checkmarx.

Eitan Worcel, Head of Product, AppScan at HCL Software

HCL AppScan delivers fast, accurate, agile application security testing tools to ensure your business and your customers are not vulnerable to attacks. With its breadth of scanning capabilities, HCL AppScan can offer the right scanning technology for the DevOps use case with a simple to use experience. It empowers developers to focus on the fix, reducing overall remediation time with self-correlating findings, targeted guidance, and developer assisted services. This enables organizations to manage large scale security programs with the right level of control, visibility, and performance to provide improved governance. 

HCL AppScan is committed to helping companies improve their application security posture and is doing so through several commercial and community edition offerings. HCL AppScan on Cloud includes SAST, DAST, IAST, and SCA for web, mobile, and open-source software to detect pervasive security vulnerabilities and facilitate remediation. HCL AppScan Standard offers dynamic application security testing to effectively identify, understand, and remediate web application vulnerabilities. HCL AppScan Enterprise provides large-scale, multi-user, multi-app dynamic application security to identify, understand, and remediate vulnerabilities and achieve regulatory compliance. HCL AppScan Source is a static application security testing solution that helps identify vulnerabilities early in the development lifecycle, understand their origin and potential impact, and remediate the problem. HCL AppScan CodeSweep, available as a free community edition, enables developers to check their code for vulnerabilities directly in their Visual Studio Code IDE or GitHub, empowering them to shift security left and address issues earlier.