The data security and privacy automation company today announced a new, free PrivacyOps Pro module in order to help organizations of varying sizes and industries meet specific requirements of international, national, and state data privacy laws.  

While new data privacy regulations are a step in the right direction for user safety, the disparate nature of the rules has resulted in organizations becoming confused and apprehensive about expanding into new regions. 

LightBeam’s new PrivacyOps module intends to solve this bottleneck by providing a global data privacy compliance solution and removing commercial impediments in complying with data privacy regulations internationally. 

“A fragmented privacy regulatory environment has encouraged rent-seeking behavior from unscrupulous groups looking to maximize this complexity to their advantage,” said Mark Pilon, vice president of business development at ITI, Canada. “It is ludicrous that businesses are often asked to pay tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars just for the privilege of filling out forms every quarter. LightBeam’s offer empowers businesses to pursue growth with the confidence of complying with data privacy regulations.”

This release offers users quarterly records of processing activities reports, helping them to comply with GDPR Article 30 as well as helping to strengthen their compliance for other jurisdictions. 

In addition, the LightBeam PrivacyOps module also provides data subject rights requests. This works to prepare businesses for multiple different privacy regulations by allowing them to respond to up to 25 requests per year for free.

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