For added security and compliance of SharePoint information, Titus Labs has introduced its latest release of Titus Metadata Security for SharePoint, which now supports SharePoint 2010.

Based on metadata properties, or SharePoint content types, Metadata Security for SharePoint automatically applies security permissions to any document type or item, including document libraries and lists.

The solution also allows permissions to be assigned to users or groups based on their Active Directory properties. In addition, Metadata Security for SharePoint “provides the ability to read user and group names from columns, and populate them in item permissions, making it easier to manage permissions for specific groups people or groups,” the company said.  

Metadata Security for SharePoint adds another layer of protection, since many deployments are “set up without fully considering the security implications, or, in other cases, only basic guidelines were followed leaving information unnecessarily exposed,” said Neil MacDonald, VP and Gartner Fellow with Gartner Research.