RSA Conference is taking place this week in San Francisco with a number of companies and thought leaders coming together to tackle the latest and greatest cybersecurity threats.

“Some say it’s impossible to stay ahead of cybersecurity threats. We disagree. We’ll always be here as your go-to resource for exchanging ideas, learning the latest trends and finding the solutions for a more secure tomorrow,” the conference states on its website.

A part of the conference, a number of companies are taking the opportunity to announce and showcase cybersecurity projects.

Synopsys showcases its Polaris Software Integrity Platform
Synopsys is showing off its cloud-based Polaris Software Integrity Platform. By integrating the Synopsys Code Sight IDE plugin with a central analysis server, the platform simplifies application security from development to deployment, the company explained.

It also offers a wide range of integrations with popular development and operations tools, and features reports, dashboards, and APIs that provide a consolidated view of application security risks.

According to Synopsys, the Polaris Software Integrity Platform enables teams to detect and remediate vulnerabilities earlier on in the development process, automate security throughout the development lifecycle, and manage risks holistically across their application portfolio.

Sysdig reveals new features for its Cloud-Native Intelligence Platform
Sysdig has announced new features for its Cloud-Native Intelligence Platform. Key features include support for new compliance frameworks, guided remediation for compliance, new compliance dashboards, new Kubernetes audit dashboards, SIEM enrichment capabilities, and integration with Snyk to provide visibility into vulnerabilities.

“By combining security and visibility data, we are giving enterprises a deeper, clearer view inside their containers. Unified data that supports both security and DevOps teams encourages better communication and ultimately improves DevOps efficiency. With this new product release, we accelerate enterprises’ ongoing transition to containers by giving them the rich data they need to monitor application health, ensure compliance, and reduce the risk of an attack on the environment,” said Loris Degioanni, chief technology officer and founder of Sysdig.

Eclypsium Platform 1.0 now available
The Eclypsium Platform has moved out of beta and is now generally available. Eclypsium provides monitoring for known and unknown firmware threats, detects device tampering during travel and throughout the supply chain, and provides update management on Mac and PC, servers, and network devices.

According to the company, Eclypsium 1.0 introduces enhancements in enterprise deployment, integration, security, and user experience.

“Firmware is at the heart of every device from laptops to servers to networking equipment. This crucial firmware layer is more accessible than ever before and it’s no surprise that vulnerabilities and attacks targeting it are on the rise. Once attackers compromise the firmware they can easily persist, cause disruption, damage, and bypass traditional security controls. The Eclypsium Platform closes these gaps,” the Eclypsium team said.

FireMon releases Lumeta CloudVisibility
FireMon has announced the release of Lumeta CloudVisibility, which provides cloud visibility, security, and anomaly detection for hybrid enterprises. According to FireMon, Lumeta CloudVisibility is built on the technology of Lumeta Spectre and is “purpose-built for comprehensive network and endpoint discovery.”

Lumeta CloudVisibility will provide organizations with real-time infrastructure visibility, change monitoring, and leak-path detection, no matter where they are in their cloud journey, the company explained.

Spirion and Bitglass announce partnership
Data protection company Spirion and Cloud-Access Security Broker (CASB) Bitglass have announced a new partnership. By collaborating, the two companies will be able to extend the power of data classification to any cloud application or device.

“Spirion’s best-in-class technology and Bitglass’ CASB have proven to be a perfect match,” said Rich Campagna, senior vice president of product management at Bitglass. “Data classification and discovery are incredible tools for enhancing the effectiveness of data loss prevention. Our partnership with Spirion ensures that sensitive information is protected wherever it goes.”

Keeper Security releases its Advanced Reporting & Alerts module
Keeper Security has announced its new Advanced Reporting & Alerts (ARA) module. The solution will provide security professionals with a complete view of user activities. The reports can also be easily filtered to isolate critical incidents.

The company also released significant updates to its Keeper Password Manager Business and Enterprise versions.

FireEye provides expertise on demand
Intelligent security solution provider FireEYe is giving users access to its fortline experts, threat intelligence and services with the announcement of Expertise On Demand. According to the company, the new solution will be available as a standalone portal or through the FireEYe Helix security operations platform.

“We developed Expertise On Demand to give organizations of all needs and budgets access to industry-proven cyber security expertise. By pairing product and expertise in this flexible, extendable manner, we’re providing customers with a breadth and depth of resources to augment their teams and offer the best line of defense,” said Gareth Mclachlan, VP of strategy and product management at FireEye.

Features will include ask an analyst; threat insight; and advanced security programs and capabilities.

The WhiteHat Security Partnership Program
WhiteHat Security is talking about its recently announced partnership program this week at the conference. The new partnership program is designed to help users increase their value with DevSecOps. It aims to help decrease costs and risks through the ability to build and run secure apps.

According to the company, too often enterprises and partners are focused solely on endpoint and network security — missing application security. The program will have three partner levels: Level one for self-service training and tools to start building DevSecOps practices. Level two with dedicated resources for expanding DevSecOps expertise. And Level 3 with personal partnerships.

“At WhiteHat, we are committed to helping our customers build and run secure applications, and we realize that our partners are critical to succeeding in that mission,” said John Atkinson, vice president of partnerships at WhiteHat Security. “This program exists to empower our partners with the DevSecOps knowledge, products and services they need to differentiate themselves from the competition and open doors to new business.”

Chronicle addresses security in petabytes
The Alphabet company Chronicle announced the release of Backstory, a global security telemetry platform designed to think in petabytes. According to the company, this is a major milestone for enterprises whose data storage and compute systems are being held back by security. Backstory is a cloud services that enables users to privately upload, store and analyze internal security telementrys to pinpoint cyber threats.

“How does it work? Chronicle built a new layer over core Google infrastructure where you can upload your security telemetry, including high-volume data such as DNS traffic, netflow, endpoint logs, proxy logs, etc., so that it can be indexed and automatically analyzed by our analytics engine. Your data remains private — it isn’t scanned by or available to anyone for other purposes,” the company wrote in a post.

Adaptiva looks towards the future of vulnerability management
Endpoint management and security solutions provider Adaptiva announced the release of Evolve VM. Evolve VM Is a endpoint compliance and vulnerability management service designed to automatically detect and remediate thousands of vulnerabilities at scale as fast as possible.

According to the company, the solution consists of four key components: 1. Endpoint compliance and vulnerability checks; 2. Real-time remediation actions; 3. Interactive dashboard system; 4. Visual workflow designer and engine.

“Other companies claim to remediate compliance issues and security vulnerabilities, but sending an alert or opening a help desk ticket is not real remediation,” said Jim Souders, CEO of Adaptiva. “When Evolve VM detects a vulnerability, it addresses it instantly, enterprise-wide, so that issues are resolved in seconds instead of days, weeks, or months. This narrows the window of security exposure dramatically.”

Unisys Stealth
Unisys has announced the release of the latest version of its Unisys Stealth security software. Unisys Stealth 4.0 will be released on April 15, 2019, and will address threats associated with the evolving digital landscape, particularly the rise of cloud, mobile, and IoT.

It also features an integration with LogRhythm, which will give clients the ability to immediately respond to security incidents.