Apple announced a bug bounty program that rewards up to $1,500,000 on finding issues that occur on the latest publicly available versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, or watchOS with a standard configuration.

In addition, Apple said it offers public recognition for those who submit valid reports and will match donations of the bounty payment to qualifying charities.

All security issues with significant impact to users will be considered for Apple Security Bounty payment, even if they do not fit the published bounty categories.

The full details on eligibility, categories, report and payout guidelines are available here.

Additionally, OnePlus announced a partnership with HackerOne to tackle cyber threats. The new OnePlus Security Reponse Center will offer a bug bounty to those who discover and report potential issues on the company’s systems. The partnership with HackerOne will provide a network of security experts to help uncover security vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Rust 1.40.0
The Rust team announced version 1.40.0 of the programming language, which includes ‘#[non_exhaustive]’ and improvements to ‘macros!()’ and ‘#[attribute]s.’

In addition, borrow-check migration warnings have become hard errors in Rust 2015.

When it comes to language changes, developers can now use tuple structs and tuple enum variant’s constructors in const contexts. E.g.

The full list of changes is available here.

Pivotal completes merger with KLDiscovery
Pivotal announced that it completed a merger with KLDiscovery and the issuance of $200 million in convertible debentures.

KLDiscovery offers data collection and forensic investigation, early case assessment, electronic discovery and data processing, application software and data hosting for web-based document reviews, and managed document review services. 

F5 to acquire Shape Security, a fraud and abuse protection provider
F5 Networks, Inc. is set to acquire Shape Security for a total enterprise value of about $1 billion. 

“Beyond opening a fast-growing $4 billion adjacent market, Shape’s machine learning and AI-powered capabilities will scale and extend F5’s broad portfolio of application services and expand our ability to optimize and protect customers’ applications in an increasingly complex multi-cloud world,” said François Locoh-Donou, the president and CEO of F5. 

Shape defends against credential stuffing attacks, where cybercriminals use stolen passwords from third-party data breaches to take over other online accounts. 

Discovery Hub now supports Azure Synapse Analytics and SQL Server 2019
TimeXtender announced a new release of its Discovery Hub to support advanced analytics and AI. 

The data management platform used for building, deploying and managing a modern data estate, was upgraded to work seamlessly with both Azure Synapse Analytics and SQL Server 2019.

“With SQL Server 2019, Discovery Hub customers can better manage and utilize Big Data analytics through the use of Big Data Clusters using either structured or unstructured, relational or non-relational data,” the company stated.