With this edition of the SPTechReport, we’re thrilled to introduce a new feature we like to call “SharePoint by the Book.” We’ll excerpt chapters from newly published or yet-to-be-published books on all aspects of SharePoint, and we’re sure you’ll find this information to be most worthwhile, as we have while reading through these works to find the best parts to present to you.

We kick off this new feature with an excerpt from “Enterprise Application Development in SharePoint 2010,” by Ira Fuchs, a Microsoft technical specialist based here in New York. Ira’s an interesting guy; we had lunch earlier this week and over the biggest small Greek salad I’ve ever been served, and Ira told me about the beauty of declarative, rule-based programming with no code, and how the SharePoint platform fits this style of application development to a T. The excerpt begins below; we hope you enjoy it.

*    *    *

In the last newsletter, we introduced our “Experiences in SharePoint” section. We’ve gotten some great response that we’re adding to the website all the time, and we’d like to hear and share your experiences with SharePoint. Is your position rewarding? Are the demands placed on you too intense? Is SharePoint the right fit for what your organization is trying to do? Ultimately, do you find working with SharePoint rewarding?

Share your story, and you could win a free copy of Ira Fuchs’ book. (See how we tie it all together? We’re that good!) Send in your SharePoint experiences to drubinstein@bzmedia.com.