Microsoft is giving its cloud-based collaboration platform, SharePoint Online, a boost in cloud storage. The company announced a 1TB site collection limit increase for OneDrive for Business and team sites, giving teams the ability to store more content in one place.

“Now you can spend more time sharing your personal work content. 1 TB will let you establish large team document centers that teams can use – and keep using over time – without needing to introduce unwarranted information architecture complexities,” wrote Mark Kashman, senior product manager on the SharePoint marketing team, on the Office 365 blog.

All site collections can now have up to 1TB of storage allocation. SharePoint admins can allocate more storage to users in increments of 50GB, 100GB, 250GB, 500GB and 1024GB.

Microsoft also announced infinite tenant storage scale for Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

“For our largest customers there has been concern about scaling to meet their growing needs, particularly in the future, as data is growing at an increasing rate,” Kashman wrote.

The updated storage design enables infinite storage scale for current and unlimited future potential storage needs.

“Users get a default 25GB of OneDrive for Business storage, + 50GB of mail storage, + 5GB for each site mailbox you create, + your total available tenant storage, which for every Office 365 business customer starts at 10GB + 500MB times the number of users,” Kashman explained.

If a company requires more storage, unlimited additional storage can be purchased from the SharePoint Online admin center.
“Whether you are getting started with SharePoint Online for team collaboration, OneDrive for Business, or your company intranet– know that our cloud is ready for you today, tomorrow, and ultimately for the long-term growth and prosperity of your business,” Kashman wrote.