Got an invite this week from a couple of folks to join them in another SharePoint community on Twitter. This one goes by “Mr. Tweet” and appears to bring together many of the features of such sites as Digg (vote a question or comment up or down to move it higher on the page) and Facebook. You can see who’s expert in certain areas, and then have a direct conversation with that person.

It’s a new feature for Twitter, and frankly, to me, it seems redundant. That’s my belief about all this “social” software. There are Facebook groups for SharePoint admins, developers, power users and architects; blog upon blog (mine included!) with all manner of tips and tricks; Twitter feeds from pros within all walks of IT who use the SharePoint hash tag to communicate; even SharePoint itself has more social features than ever, but those are for the most part limited to people with access to your implementation. It’s becoming so that a bigger part of each day is spent monitoring more and more sites, because you don’t know which one will contain the nugget of information that’ll help you get your job done more effectively.

What do you think? Is this proliferation of social software making it easier for us to connect, or moving us further away from each other? Let me know at