Economic downturn? Pshaw! High unemployment? Go on!

This, of course, is tongue-in-cheek. The global recession continues to leave many workers on the outside of the job market and looking in, and their pain and angst is real.

The picture, though, is markedly different if you have SharePoint skills. If you’re in the community, as Microsoft encourages you to be, look no further than SharePoint Jobs on Twitter (#spjbs) to see just how much growth continues to occur in this space. Or check out CareerBuilder, which lists more than 2,200 jobs open to SharePoint professionals.

From consultants to architects to developers, organizations everywhere are looking for expertise to assist in their SharePoint rollouts. If you’re skilled in SharePoint, there’s plenty of work out there for you.

More likely, though, you’re “the SharePoint guy (or gal)” within your company who’s expected to be a jack of all SharePoint trades. So, we here at SPTechReport would like to know: Are you satisfied with your job? Do you have to push too hard to get the organization to buy in completely? Or do you have to push the higher-ups to back off now that they know what’s capable in SharePoint? We’d like to hear, and publish, your story, so send it to and we’ll put them into a compilation that others can read to benefit from your experiences.

Hope to hear from you!