As they say in the courtroom (at least they say it in “My Cousin Vinny”… you could look it up!) what you DON’T say is almost as important as what you DO say.

The same logic, twisted just a bit, applies to SharePoint deployment. What you DON’T do is just as important for success as what you actually do.

Joel Oleson, the very popular conference speaker from Quest Software (and previously from Microsoft), will be at the fast-approaching SPTechCon SF 2011 (Feb. 7–9) to deliver a keynote on SharePoint “worst practices.” In his multimedia presentation, Joel will highlight everything that can go wrong with a SharePoint deployment, and offer up “lessons learned” from failed MOSS 2007 and SharePoint 2010 deployments to see what not to do to succeed with SharePoint.

On his SharePoint Joel blog, he describes the other classes he’ll be delivering.

We hope to see you there! There’s still time to register, and if you sign up before Friday, you can save US$200 off the full conference price—and maybe even win a Coolpix camera! What a deal!

— David