When security becomes a concern, and companies start coalescing around a specific technology, those are sure signs that the technology is reaching a level of maturity. Such is the case with SharePoint.

Security only matters when organizations are actually deploying their sensitive information in the system, and without question, more and more content is finding its way onto SharePoint servers.

With Microsoft’s messaging shifting from functionality and what you can achieve with SharePoint to realizing the business value of the software, it’s clear the platform has come of age. Users aren’t asking “What’s SharePoint?” anymore; they want to learn how it can help their organization gain efficiencies that boost the bottom line. Roles are emerging beyond IT pro and end user, as opportunities for managers, designers, search masters and more take shape. Companies (such as eMark Consulting, mentioned below) are coming together with a laser focus on providing tools and services to organizations looking to widen the scope of their SharePoint implementations.

It’s an exciting time, as the first wave of inquiry and adoption yields to implementation extension and the creation of value.