GitLab 13.6 includes Auto-Deploy to Amazon EC2 using Auto DevOps without using Kubernetes, and a usage trends dashboard. 

With the code quality severity included within the merge request and the Full Code Quality Report, users can now quickly determine which code quality violations are critical to resolve before merging.  

Updates to the Project Security Dashboard include the results of the latest run pipeline security scan and also a dynamic vulnerability trend chart to help users stay on top of the real-time and historical vulnerability trends. 

JetBrains DataGrip 2020.3 released
JetBrains DataGrip 2020.3 includes added Couchbase support, the unique possibility to write SQL queries for MongoDB and the AD Authentication support for Azure database.

The new version also presents the formatted values and images in the value editor and new data extractors.

“With each new release we aim to improve the developers experience and simplify their work, by adding new technologies”, said Maksim Sobolevskiy, Product Marketing Manager at DataGrip. “This time we bring SQL language to MongoDB database which is the exclusive way to interact with MongoDB databases for those who are more familiar with SQL than with JavaScript”.

Amazon Managed Workflows available on Apache Airflow 
The Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow make it easier to author, schedule, and monitor data processing and machine learning workflows in the cloud.

“With Amazon MWAA, customers can use the same familiar Airflow platform as they do today to manage their workflows, and enjoy improved scalability, availability, and security without the burden of having to build, scale, and manage the underlying infrastructure,” Amazon wrote in a post. 

It manages the provisioning and ongoing maintenance of Apache Airflow and compute resources that execute tasks are scaled on demand, providing consistent performance for users.  

Additional details are available here.