CodeSee launched an enterprise version its code visibility platform that enables users to visualize and automate code knowledge across the entire lifecycle. 

Developers can now map their code and services throughout the code lifecycle through the discovery and planning stage, development and code review all the way through production.

“Today’s release reflects a vision we’ve had for CodeSee since day one–that we want to end the long-standing truth that our code is not easily accessible and the only way to understand it is to read it line by line. CodeSee is the workflow platform that finally allows developers to immerse themselves with important knowledge about their code–no matter when they begin work on a code base,” said Shanea Leven, co-founder and CEO of CodeSee. “Code visibility is observability for development.” 

With the launch of the enterprise version of CodeSee, the company aims to create a “Google Maps-like” experience to the workflow, according to the company in a post. 

Every connection between services is automatically detected, visualized, and linked to the code. Companies can also add new code automation features to automate code knowledge so that developers can follow existing patterns, avoid gotchas, be aware of sensitive parts of the codebase, or kick-off compliance processes when needed.

The new version also includes an additional suite of governance features for both the business and enterprise tiers which will allow the enforcement of SSOs, the ability to disable public maps, allow only users with approved domains to join, and more. 

CodeSee also made an on-prem option available.