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CodeSee Enterprise 2.0 offers visibility into the whole system

Software visibility company CodeSee today announced the launch of CodeSee Enterprise 2.0. This release maps and automates the services, directories, file dependencies, and code changes of the user’s apps, as well as cuts down on their time to market. CodeSee Enterprise 2.0 offers users a full view into an application’s services, external third-party services, and … continue reading

CodeSee launches code visibility platform for enterprise

CodeSee launched an enterprise version its code visibility platform that enables users to visualize and automate code knowledge across the entire lifecycle.  Developers can now map their code and services throughout the code lifecycle through the discovery and planning stage, development and code review all the way through production. “Today’s release reflects a vision we’ve … continue reading

CodeSee introduces Open Source Hub

CodeSee, the code visibility platform that detects, visualizes, and automates code understanding for a maintainable, resilient codebase,  today announced the launch of Open Source Hub (OSH). OSH offers developers of all skill levels a place to learn, contribute, explore, and connect through open-source communities globally.  According to the company, rather than being a community dedicated … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: OSS Port

Getting involved in an open source project is a great way to build your skills as a developer, especially for those looking to have some practical experience they can show to prospective employers. OSS Port is an open source repository of projects that are actively looking for contributors that can make it easier to find … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Altova releases version 2022 of MissionKit; CodeSee Maps now available; Kotlin support for protocol buffers; CyberRes announces Voltage SecureData services

Altova today announced the release of Version 2022 of its MissionKit desktop developer tools and server software. Included in this is support for the new Open Information Model (OIM) XBRL standard in multiple products and other XBRL related enhancements. The details of Altova’s XBRL-enabled software include  XMLSpy offers complete XBRL and XBRL taxonomy development tools … continue reading Protection Status