Software visibility company CodeSee today announced the launch of CodeSee Enterprise 2.0. This release maps and automates the services, directories, file dependencies, and code changes of the user’s apps, as well as cuts down on their time to market.

CodeSee Enterprise 2.0 offers users a full view into an application’s services, external third-party services, and connections with Service Maps. This provides cross-repository visibility regardless of whether customers are working with a microservices architecture or a monolith. 

Users also gain access to an enhanced experience in CodeSee Maps, offering them a heightened ability to collaborate effectively and onboard quickly. CodeSee Maps also now includes the ability to look at code right in the CodeSee app.

“Working with developers, we’ve seen the impact shrinking teams can have on both the organizations and the developers themselves. There is less to get even more done. With CodeSee Enterprise 2.0, we focused on supporting both organizations and developers with the tools needed to reduce time-to-market and improve their app’s code without adding more to workloads. The updates to our products are a direct result of listening to our customers and building what they need to drive results,” said Shanea Leven, co-founder and CEO of CodeSee. “With our platform, you can onboard developers in half the time, achieve alignment on refactors in record time, and stem knowledge loss when engineers are offboarded.”

In addition, this release brings customers an automated code experience that is intended to scale and enforce best practices, rules, and code knowledge across an organization. Code Automations sets conditions and actions with required checklists to be completed before the team can move on, ensuring every step is completed properly. 

With this release, users also gain access to Review Maps, which is geared at cutting back on code review time and increasing efficiency. This feature allows developers to share maps and discuss possible changes to the code.

Customers will also have access to a dedicated solutions engineering team geared at helping connect an organization’s Datadog Open Telemetry trace data to CodeSee.  

Lastly, this release offers added language support for C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Blazor, Java, JavaScript, Go, Python, and TypeScript so that organizations operating in Microsoft or GitHub environments can be better supported.

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