The Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) is hosting its CD Summit at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2022 in Detroit, Michigan. At the event, the CDF announced a number of major milestones across its projects.

First, it announced that it welcomed the decentralized package network, Pyrsia, into the foundation as an incubating project. Pyrsia was developed by JFrog and it can be used to secure software supply chains by creating a system where there is transparency in package sources. In addition, the distribution of artifacts can be done by anyone instead of just relying on a central place. 

The CDF has stated that it will work to ensure that the project represents interests from different technology companies, cloud providers, and more. It will also foster collaboration across projects like Tekton and CDEvents and collaboration from other groups within the CDF. 

Second, the foundation announced the graduation of Tekton, which is a framework for creating CI/CD systems.

Graduation of a project indicates that it has met certain growth requirements and can now be self-sustaining in terms of development, maintenance, and long-term support. 

And finally, the CDF announced version 0.1 of the CDEvents project, which the foundation recently began hosting. This release introduces versioned schemas for events, CloudEvents binding to support out-of-the-box transport, and SDKs in Golang and Python. The maintainers are also working on a Java SDK. 

“Interoperability and Supply Chain Security are the keys to the growth of the modern Software Delivery ecosystem. The Continuous Delivery Foundation is making great progress this year towards these goals: Project Pyrsia brings package delivery to our ecosystem. Tekton shows great adoption and wide collaboration in the industry, and its graduated status is well deserved,” said Oleg Nenashev, CDF TOC Chair, senior director at the Dynatrace OSPO, and Jenkins and Keptn maintainer. “Shortly, the CDEvents standard should boost interoperability between projects, and I’m happy to see so many multi-tool presentations at the CD Summit. Thanks to all member organizations and individual contributors that help us to move forward!”