Heroku stated that it will stop offering free product plans on November 28th and that it is planning to shut down free dynos and data services. 

Also, accounts that have been inactive for over a year and their associated storage will be deleted starting on October 26th this year.

“Our product, engineering, and security teams are spending an extraordinary amount of effort to manage fraud and abuse of the Heroku free product plans. In order to focus our resources on delivering mission-critical capabilities for customers, we will be phasing out our free plan for Heroku Dynos, free plan for Heroku Postgres, and free plan for Heroku Data for Redis, as well as deleting inactive accounts,”  Bob Wise, Heroku General Manager and Salesforce EVP, stated in a blog post

Heroku also announced the launch of its interactive product roadmap for Heroku on GitHub and encourages feedback and an upcoming program to support students and nonprofits in conjunction with its nonprofit team. 

Heroku will continue to contribute to open-source projects such as Cloud Native Buildpacks and will be offering Heroku credits to select open-source projects through Salesforce’s Open Source Program Office.