The intelligent continuous delivery solution provider, OpsMx, announced new software modules and support services for Argo that make it faster, easier, and safer for companies to use Argo in production, according to the company.

New automated analysis capabilities can increase the speed and accuracy of complex progressive deployments. A unified view and centralized audit of activity across distributed Argo clusters is also now available from a new management dashboard. 

One of the add-on capabilities, OpsMx Delivery Intelligence, provides advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities to help teams identify and resolve application issues faster and more efficiently. It helps teams understand the performance of their applications across multiple environments, including their production, staging, and development environments. It also provides teams with detailed insights into the root cause of any issues that may be occurring. The capabilities are directly integrated with Argo Rollouts as well as existing application logging and application performance management tools.

Also, OpsMx Audit and Visibility now provides a single, centralized dashboard, and permanent record of application delivery across Argo instances. 

Lastly, OpsMx Policy and Governance integrates advanced delivery controls into Argo. The no code integrations connect directly with existing enterprise DevOps toolchains. 

“Argo and GitOps are exciting for developers because they make software delivery so much easier and faster, but these automated releases can be scary for the rest of the organization that is responsible for the uptime, performance, and security of critical applications,” said Gopal Dommety, the CEO and co-founder of OpsMx. “Our new software and services insert visibility and control into Argo environments without breaking the developer experience that makes Argo so powerful. This is a true game changer for developer productivity.” 

The new capabilities come as Argo is becoming a preferred tool for software deployments on Kubernetes. According to the CNCF in a post, Argo usage has seen an increase of 124% since Argo joined CNCF. However, OpsMx says it can be difficult to fit into existing management, security, and operations practices.