Puppet Enterprise 2023.0 is the latest release following 2021.7 that includes NIST compliance, the ability to authenticate users in multiple Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) domains, adds a streamlined user interface, and more. 

With NIST compliance, Puppet Enterprise 2023.0 reduces compliance risk and the risk of sensitive information being accessed. Users can customize the timeout to specify a default value and issue a confirmation message. A prioritized list of LDAP servers also bolsters security. 

The new user interface includes a new job and task queue status, task concurrency fine-tuning, default job timeouts, and the ability to stop stalled jobs. These new features will increase observability, throughput, fault tolerance, and operational efficiency, according to Puppet

Scalability has also been improved with updates to reporting, database performance, and agent certificate regeneration as well as new orchestrator task concurrency defaults. 

Puppet Enterprise 2023.0 updates the Java 17 component and removes CentOS 8 as a primary server platform. The new version also removes other agent platforms and patch management platforms. Additional details are available here