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Report: Java 17 is now the most used version of Java in production

Java 17, a Long-Term Support (LTS) version released in 2021, has finally surpassed Java 11 as the most used version of Java in production.  This is according to New Relic’s annual State of the Java Ecosystem report, which documents recent trends in the Java community based on monitoring the Java applications connected to its platform.   … continue reading

Puppet Enterprise 2023.0 released with NIST compliance

Puppet Enterprise 2023.0 is the latest release following 2021.7 that includes NIST compliance, the ability to authenticate users in multiple Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) domains, adds a streamlined user interface, and more.  With NIST compliance, Puppet Enterprise 2023.0 reduces compliance risk and the risk of sensitive information being accessed. Users can customize the timeout … continue reading

Predictions for Java in 2022

The Java landscape moves fast, and with potential changes to OpenJDK release cadence, it’s poised to move even faster. For people like Michael Rasmussen, Head of Development at JRebel by Perforce, staying abreast of these changes, and understanding how they’ll impact development is paramount to creating features that resonate within the Java development community, keeping … continue reading Protection Status