The new Qt Insight platform provides real customer insights into the usage of applications or devices.

The platform reveals how users navigate devices, identifies customer pain points, analyzes performance, and creates concrete, evidence-based development plans to optimize product development and lower running costs by eliminating redundant, unused features based on session activity and metrics such as button clicks and time on screen.

“Understanding customer behaviour, needs, and pain points is essential to delivering an outstanding customer experience,” says Marko Kaasila, the senior vice president of product management at Qt Group. “We are delighted to see such a high level of interest in Qt Insight from a wide range of industries, including industrial automation, consumer electronics, medical and automotive. With the launch of Qt Insight, we are providing businesses with the information they need to truly understand their users, making it possible to develop evidence-based UX strategies that are truly tailored to customers.”

The platform is part of Qt’s portfolio of integrated software development solutions that include Qt Design Studio, Qt Creator, Qt Quality Assurance & Qt Digital Advertising and it will be available as a SaaS product. The solution also supports desktop applications 

Companies can ensure compliance with GDPR and address modern data privacy requirements by using Qt Insight, as it anonymizes their application data as standard. The tool is especially useful for developers, designers, marketers, and product owners. 

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