Novu is an open-source notification infrastructure for developers that enables them to manage all communication channels such as email, SMS, direct messages, and push in one place.

Users can start by creating a template where they can select channels, add context with {{dynamic}} syntax, and customize rules to control the delivery of notifications.

Novu provides users with a set of APIs and components and they can choose to either create their own custom notification center user interface, or use a ready-to-use UI and customize it partially.

“Developing a notification layer is something we often do when designing a new application. It usually starts the same, sending just a simple email, and after a while, you’ll find yourself managing hundreds of notifications across multiple channels. Novu’s goal is to help developers create meaningful, transactional communication between the product and its users. All with an easy-to-use API and outstanding developer experience,” the developers behind Novu wrote on the project’s website. 

Novu’s architecture takes an Object Constraint (OCL) architecture approach in which transactional communication is composed of many different parts, each of which is responsible for a specific task. This allows for easier maintenance and integrations of new functionality. 

Users can easily get started through Docker compose.