The developer talent network Torc announced the acquisition of the coding performance measurement application Codealike to offer developers more data that increases skills, job opportunities, and enterprise value.

“Torc aims to empower developers with data and intelligence, protect IP, increase upskilling and career opportunities, and make the remote workforce indispensable. Understanding performance data is the best way to do that,” said Michael P. Morris, CEO and co-founder of Torc. 

The acquisition and the features that result from it are aimed at tackling technical debt which cost companies tens of billions of dollars per year, according to Torc. According to Gartner, companies that find ways to reduce tech debt will lower service delivery times by at least 50%.

Torc has developed new features for Codealike that aim to improve developer productivity and help maximize their career and earning potential. These features take a human-centered approach and provide personalized coaching based on real-time data analytics. 

Codealike organizes personalized coding performance data in a visual format that enables developers to easily identify their strengths and areas for improvement. The platform provides developers with the flexibility to choose which statistics to share with their peers and when. This sharing of data can lead to recognition, along with peer ranking, team interaction, and virtual collaboration.

To promote the adoption of these features, Torc is offering developers free access to Codealike’s Premium features for a limited time. To take advantage of this offer, developers must create a Torc Community Member account and complete at least 80% of their Torc profile.