Atlassian recently announced the release of Compass, a developer portal and single source of truth for developers to conquer the increasing complexity of manufacturing software and the tool sprawl that comes with it. 

This release comes from Atlassian’s Point A program which works to create new products with the help of current users.

Compass brings developers a components catalog that offers them a map of all the components they use to assemble software as well as the teams that collaborate around them. 

With this, users can access shared components, documentation, and other essential info in a centralized location. 

The catalog also understands dependencies between components and their owners and simplifies the process of finding what developers need or the team best suited to help.

Compass also provides users with scorecards. This feature comes as a DevOps health tool and offers developers the ability to measure and evaluate their architecture based on the different requirements that they need to meet. 

Scorecards offer insights into problem components as well as changes that have happened over time, helping teams to minimize the impact of an incident as well as better prevent them altogether. 

The last key feature of Compass is an extensibility engine that allows developers to install apps. This works to bring in information spanning a variety of developer SaaS tools to help bring teams alignment across their work as well as flexibility in choosing the best suited tools.

Compass is currently available in alpha, with a beta version on the way. To learn more, see here