JetBrains has announced the launch of Space, an integrated team environment for creative teams. The announcement comes from the company’s KotlinConf for the Kotlin programming language happening in Copenhagen this week.

“In Space, the concept of a team is a first-class citizen. When you join a team, you are automatically included in everything related to it, be it meetings, blogs, source control, calendars, vacations, etc. This eliminates the need for creating concepts such as groups and then making sure that every team member is also part of the corresponding group,” Natasha Katson, team tools product marketing manager at JetBrains, wrote in a blog

According to JetBrains, while many teams are switching from spreadsheets to project management tools to manage their agile projects, the tools still aren’t integrated with the entire creative workflow process. Space is designed to combine DevOps, communication, team and project management into a single solution. It will feature resources such as internal blogs, meeting scheduling and collaboration tools.

“Most digital collaboration environments are in fact a mixed bag of solutions tackling different problems, from development tools to task management ones. This leaves people switching tools and tabs, manually copying information, and generally losing time and creative flow,” JetBrains CEO Maxim Shafirov said. “JetBrains Space is changing this—and thus changing the foundation of creative work, software development included.”

Space fills a crucial gap in creative workflows, which is why we’ve been using it internally for two years now. We are thrilled that other teams can now benefit from this environment as well,” Shafirov added. 

In addition, Space covers the software development process with the ability to store data in one place and integration with tools for source code management; code review and browsing; continuous integration, delivery and deployment; package repositories; issue tracking; planning; and project documentation. 

Space is available as an early-access program and subscription model with a freemium starting tier. According to the company, the ultimate goal of Space is to expand into more teams such as designers, marketers, sales and accounting. JetBrains also plans to add a knowledge base, automation CI/CD pipelines and personal to-do lists and notification management to Space.