Progress its announcing a three-fold throughput performance improvement with the latest release of its application development platform. According to the company, Progress OpenEdge 12 features a 200 percent improvement in database throughput performance, responsiveness and scalability. In addition, the release comes with new advanced features and functionality to give modern apps always-on availability and enhanced agility.

“Many enterprises around the globe are operating with business-critical applications that were developed years ago, and struggle to continuously deliver application functionality that will help them, and their customers, evolve to meet increasing business demands,” said John Ainsworth, SVP of core products at Progress. “Designed to support the needs of business-critical application delivery and deployment, OpenEdge 12 is the highest performing, highest quality, most secure and productive version of OpenEdge ever released.”

OpenEdge 12 tackles performance and scale with multi-threading, server-side multi-table JOINs, and locking delay improvements. The company explained this will not only help with the velocity and volume of data sources, but will provide an overall reduction in data loss due to outages and more efficient SQL query resolution.

The latest release also tackles Agile DevOps with Docker containerization deployment for Progress Application Service, enabling developers to increase deployment efficiency and update more often, Progress explained. Other features for DevOps include improved resource utilization and access to source code analysis tooling.

Lastly, the release aims to provide continuous availability with “always on” capabilities and addresses application security through the latest versions of Spring Security and OpenSSL.