Next-gen developer platform provider Rookout and APM solution provider AppDynamics are teaming up to help developers find and fix bugs. According to the companies, AppDynamics alerts developers of any issues while Rookout helps developers debug those issues. 

As part of the partnership, Rookout will be integrated into AppDynamics to create AppDynamics Deep Code Insights. 

“It’s a match made in DevOps heaven! The ability to jump directly from an AppDynamics issue to the data and code in-action that caused the error without restarting, redeploying, or adding more code — that’s the magic of DCI/Rookout,” the Rookout team wrote in a post

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According to Rookout, debugging is becoming more complex, time consuming and costly as applications are becoming more modern and distributed. With Rookout, development teams can save up to 80% of time and focus on more pressing issues like shipping new features and improving consumer experience. With Deep Code Insights, developer efficiency is increased by more than 25%. Together, the companies hope to close the gaps between code-related performance problems and deploying a seamless customer experience. 

Features include visibility into production, ability to securely capture data on demand, more context into dynamic watchpoints, and ability to understand how app performance is impacting the business and customers in real time. 

“As the APM solution surfaces up alerts (such as errors, or performance degradation), these more often than not translate in the minds of the engineers as questions – mainly ‘why is this happening?’. Instead of being forced to replicate the situation, or redeploy with more logging, AppDyanmic’s users can simply click a button to immediately collect more variables and data to the screen in front of them, or dive to a deeper session within the full Rookout/DCI IDE like experience,” the Rookout team wrote.