ActiveState is delivering Python 2 support beyond end-of-life with the release of the latest ActivePython for Enterprises. 

According to the Python Package Index, developers are continuing to work with Python 2 resources months after the Python Software Foundation officially ended support.

“Some of these customers are currently unable to migrate for a variety of market or technical reasons, but others are not intending to migrate at all. In keeping with our core mission, ActiveState is happy to help provide developers with Python 2 solutions that just work, while making those solutions easy to adopt by enterprises,” said Jeff Rouse, the vice president of management at ActiveState.

DeepCode to host bug bounty contest
DeepCode announced that it will hold a bug bounty contest in which developers can take a screenshot of the DeepCode Dashboard or the IDE showing the suggestion and enough code to understand what is going on.

DeepCode will then select the “coolest, craziest, trickiest” suggestions and draw amongst them to award $400 and subsequent $50 prices.

Additional details on the contest are available here.

Cloud Foundry launches new tutorial hub
Cloud Foundry announced that it has launched a hub for Cloud Foundry-related tutorials to streamline the discovery and learning process for developers interested in learning more about the family of open source projects.

“The hub includes an interactive hands-on lab for first-time Cloud Foundry users to experience how easy the platform makes deploying applications to Kubernetes and is open for the community to contribute,” said Chip Childers, the executive director of Cloud Foundry Foundation.

The tutorials have been created and curated by the community and provide a free and simple way to learn about Cloud Foundry. 

Additional details are available here.

OverOps joins CloudBees Technical Alliance Partner Program
OverOps’ new partnership with CloudBees extends its existing integration with Jenkins to empower organizations to shift left in their approach to software quality. 

The OverOps continuous reliability plugin for CloudBees CI analyzes code at runtime to identify any new resurfaced and critical errors in a release and then generates a code quality report that takes into account all severe issues with the potential to affect application functionality. 

OverOps will help CloudBees users balance speed and stability across their CI/CD pipelines. Additional details are available here.