The 2020 release of Altova is now available. The release includes Altova MissionKit  desktop developer tools and server software products. In addition, version 2020 focuses on JSON with a new JSON Grid View designed to speed up JSON editing in XMLSpy.

“We have heard from customers who are progressively utilizing XMLSpy for their JSON development projects, and we are excited to introduce them to the new JSON Grid View in XMLSpy 2020. Grid View offers a graphical representation of JSON data with powerful editing features like automatic type detection, in-cell commands, XQuery filters for modifying the view, and XQuery formulas for generating additional output from the JSON data,” said Alexander Falk, President and CEO for Altova. 

Other features include support for OAuth 2.0, support for XULE, support for CSV/CSV and CSV/database comparisons, and a new XPath Debugger. 

More information is available here

TPG CollabNet VersionOne acquisition finalized
As part of the acquisition, CollabNet will work to help large enterprise connect Agile and DevOps initiatives to achieve more business value.

“Software agility that drives tangible, measurable value is vital for every business today,” said Flint Brenton, CEO of CollabNet. “Having the resources and support of TPG will accelerate our ability to meet the unique needs of larger organizations that are frustrated with disparate tools and processes that hinder business transformation. Our customers, partners and employees are responding positively to our new partnership with TPG, as the firm continues to help us drive growth and innovation.”

In addition, TPG Capital will invest up to $500 million of equity capital in CollabNet to help position it as a leader in enterprise Agile, DevOps and Value Stream Management. 

DeepCode update improves code error reasoning
The AI-powered code review solution is introducing Ontology, a new AI technique that provides logical conclusions in the DeepCode engine. 

“At DeepCode, we’re always focused on discovering important software bugs and being a tool that can improve and even replace testing. To get there, we need to discover semantic software defects and provide the conditions under which the defects are exposed,” the company wrote in its blog

CodeStream 4.0 now available
The latest version of the “knowledge based behind your codebase” solution features pull request comments directly in code editors as annotations. According to the company, but integrating comments in GitHub, BitBucket and GitLab (coming soon), developers will be able to better understand why decisions are made and get answers faster. 

CodeStream 4.0 also works with Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Atom, and JetBrains editors. 

More information is available here