Today, Android announced the release of the beta version of Android for Cars App Library version 1.1. Android Auto apps using features like map interactivity, vehicle’s hardware data, multiple-length text, log message, and sign-in templates, can now be utilized in cars in cars with Android Auto 6.7+. 

With this, Android also completes the transition to Jetpack and will no longer be accepting submissions built with the closed source library. For an entire list of the beta updates, please see the release notes

MariaDB announces a technical preview of NoSQL listener capability 

MariaDB released the technical preview of the NoSQL listener capability to define a port and protocol pair that accept client connections to a service.

“We’ve opened up a port on MaxScale to listen for traffic that contains NoSQL data that we then store and manage in a MariaDB database,” Rob Hedgpeth, Director, Developer Relations at MariaDB, wrote in a blog post. 

When the MongoDB client application issues MongoDB protocol commands, either directly or indirectly via the client library, they are transparently converted into the equivalent SQL and executed against the MariaDB backend. The MariaDB responses are then in turn converted into the format expected by the MongoDB client library and application.

DevSecOps company Rezilion raises $30 million in funding

Today Rezilion, a cyber startup with a focus on DevSecOps, announced $30 million in Series A funding led by Guggenheim Investments. Rezilion’s innovation is automating security bottlenecks with the goal of making security as agile as DevOps. 

This will help to drastically reduce the amount of security work required to rollout new digital products while keeping software environments safe and secure. According to Rezilion, customers using the vulnerability validation technology have reduced their patching backlog by more than 70%.

The platform creates an all encompassing model of all the code across companies cloud workloads and applications. It then creates a full software bill-of-materials and reverse-engineers every piece of code in the environment, tracking it’s status and interactions. This development aids in closing the gap between security and engineering, making for a more timely delivery of software.

Apache Weekly Update

This week at the Apache Software Foundation saw the release of Apache APISIX Go Plugin Runner 0.2.0, which provides rich traffic management features such as load balancing, dynamic upstream, canary release, circuit breaking, authentication, observability, and more. 

Other releases included Geronimo Arthur 1.0.3, Geode 1.14.0, Jackrabbit 2.14.10, Groovy 2.5.15, 3.0.9, and 4.0.0-beta-1, DolphinScheduler 1.3.8. 

A variable Import endpoint missed authentication check error was addressed for Apache Airflow. 

Additional details on all of the news from the ASF are available here