Apache CouchDB 3.0 has been released. Apache CouchDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database. Highlights of the release include: default installations are now secure and locked down, user-defined partitioned databases improved for faster querying, and Live Shard Splitting added for incremental scale-out.

Apache CouchDB 3.0 also lets users store their data safely, on their own servers, or with any cloud provider. It speaks JSON natively and supports binary data for all your data storage needs.

CouchDB comes with a developer-friendly query language, and optionally MapReduce for simple, efficient, and comprehensive data retrieval.

The full list of changes and enhancements is available here.

Talend announces Winter ‘20 release of Data Fabric
The Winter ‘20 release of Talend Data Fabric introduces Talend Cloud Data Inventory, which automatically calculates the Data Intelligence Score of all data across an organization and presents it in a self-service cloud app.

“The innovations introduced in Talend Data Fabric will provide our customers with dramatically improved efficiency, optimized productivity and scale, and accelerated path to discovering value from data,” said Ciaran Dynes,  senior vice president of products at Talend.

New features include the ability to establish data intelligence at first sight, boost data intelligence at speed, and empower everyone with data intelligence at scale.

TCS launches Jile 4.0
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) launched Jile 4.0, a major release of its on-the-cloud enterprise Agile DevOps platform that enables software teams to manage, automate and measure the end-to-end software delivery value stream from ideation to deployment.

“Jile 4.0 has a flexible design that allows software teams to tailor the solution to meet their needs—whether it is by selecting a specific Way of Working or utilizing either a project- or product-centric delivery model,” said Vijayalakshmi Gopal, the business head of Jile at TCS.

Jile 4.0 enables organizations to choose their Agile way of working and follow a fail-fast, minimum viable product approach to engineering, and a product-centric approach to business, the company said.

DeepCode announces new CLI
The new DeepCode CLI allows users to include plugins and extensions into their CI pipeline.

DeepCode recommends that Python 3 and Pip3 be installed before installing the new CLI.

Full details on how to setup DeepCode CLI are available here.

Tableau 2020.1 released
Tableau 2020.1 delivers community-driven features such as dynamic parameters, visualization animations, and administration tools.

Dynamic Parameters eliminates the need to update workbooks when changes are made to the underlying data and viz animations gives viewers a new tool for understanding transitions between data points.

The full details on the new release are available here.