The Apache Software Foundation announced that 339 projects and sub-projects were accomplished this year, 206 projects made it to top level and 46 podlings made it in the Apache Incubator. 

On the community side, there were 7,038 active Apache Committers, 765 ASF members, and 40 new members elected. More than 75% of contributors in 2019 were new to Apache. 

The top Apache repositories by size of code include NetBeans, OpenOffice, Flex, Mynewt and Flex.

The full list of accomplishments is available here.

TIOBE end of the year index
The TIOBE end of the year index found that Python is a favorite for the programming language of the year award. 

Even though Python won in 2018, its popularity only continues to grow mainly due to the ease of learning this language when compared to other languages, the index explained. 

The followup candidates in terms of popularity include C, C# and Java. 

The full list of programming language rankings can be found here.

C++ changes in 2019
The developers behind C++ reflected on the changes in C++ over 2019, which include C++20 almost ready for publication and the stable position of C++ in popularity. 

The features that gained the most popularity include modules, coroutines, standard library concepts and ranges. 

“With all the tools, the new C++ standard is more accessible and less error-prone. C++ is still the best choice for apps that require performance – even surpassing C and Fortran,” the developers of C++ said in a post.