The new version of Appian’s low-code automation platform is designed to make it easier for IT to drive rapid and substantial business value from new and powerful enterprise automation technologies. 

“Through the course of 2020, the urgency for fast and powerful process automation became undeniable as organization struggled with the distributed workforces, broken processes, and inaccessible data brought by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Michael Beckley, the founder and CTO at Appian. “Our new platform release delivers the unified automation technologies and the development speed that define the new world of hyperautomation. The result is smarter, faster, more resilient companies.”

The latest release also leverages Appian’s unique Data Anywhere architecture to unite the entire modern workforce of bots, AI, and people with enterprise data.

Cloudflare data localization enables businesses to make data protection decisions
With the new Data Localization Suite, businesses can use Cloudflare’s global cloud network to control where their data goes and who has access to it––no matter what countries they operate in, their industry, or their specific data protection obligations, the company explained.

“Companies that want to win globally need to be able to operate within the local values and requirements of different regions, and that is increasingly true as nearly every country evaluates how to address data access and protection within its borders,” said Matthew Prince, the co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare. “We’ve always prioritized privacy at Cloudflare, and now we’re making it easier than ever for our customers to navigate this shifting landscape globally, and regionally.”

The suite of tools offers control over where data is inspected, an easy way to build and deploy serverless code, alignment with global and European security certifications, and default-based encryption based on industry research.

Lucy cybersecurity awareness platform updated
Lucy Cybersecurity Awareness Platform 4.7.7 focuses on the optimization and development of a complete Learning Management System (LMS). 

Lucy Security aims to provide companies with a standard software platform to test employees by means of attack simulations. They can also use malware simulations to test the company-wide infrastructure and hundreds of training templates to train employees on information security issues.

In addition, users can bundle several courses into one awareness campaign, and course libraries can now be created easily and made available to users in the LMS. 

Additional details on the new solution are available here.

Apache weekly update and Apache NetBeans 12.2
Apache NetBeans 12.2 is the first feature release of the NetBeans 12 cycle and it offers new JDK 14 and 15-specific Java language features.

It also includes PHP 8.0 support as well as many new library upgrades that are listed in full detail here. 

Last week also saw the releases of Apache APISIX 2.1, SkyWalking 8.3.0 and CLI 0.5.0, and more. The full list of new releases is available here.