Cockroach Lans announced the release of CockroachDB 20.1 with new features for simpler and faster cloud application development. 

The updated version includes online primary key changes, monitoring updates, and enhanced support for popular development tools and languages (ORMs). It also includes additional improvements to multi-region performance and security. 

“CockroachDB 20.1 gives developers a database that works the way they work and takes away the operational headaches of scaling and recovering from outages. Our distributed nature already eliminates the need for manual sharding and complex schemes for failover, and makes multi-cloud deployment easy. This latest release makes the product usable by even more developers, improves monitoring, and simplifies changing the database to support changing applications.” said Spencer Kimball, the co-Founder and CEO of Cockroach Labs.

Additional details are available here.

ActiveState early access program announced

The ActiveState early access program offers free, cross-platform open-source language build services to help open-source projects reach more users and reduce project maintenance overhead.

The program lets Python-based projects easily create and share smaller and more secure Python distributions for multiple operating systems using the ActiveState Platform. 

Projects will also have all of the open source language automation features on the ActiveState Platform, including integration with CI/CD tools, shared secrets, cross-platform scripting, automated dependency resolution and environment setup with a single command.

ScyllaDB 4.0 released

ScyllaDB announced the 4.0 release of its open source NoSQL database, which includes the ability to scale up to any number of cores, as well as the ability to stream data to 60TB meganodes, and use built-in schedulers, unified cache and self-tuning operations.

New capabilities in Scylla Open Source 4.0 also include Alternator, a DynamoDB-compatible API, use Lightweight Transactions, and the beta versions of Change Data Capture and Kubernetes Operator for Scylla. 

New dynamic documentation generator in GraphQL Editor

The new dynamic documentation generation feature allows developers to focus on writing schema code instead of constantly changing documentation to always keep it up to date.

Dynamically generated schema documentation will also allow users to export their docs to a folder with static generated HTML files, manage and deploy their GraphQL API faster with built-in micro features. 

SonarSource acquires app security company RIPS Technologies

SonarSource acquired the app security company RIPS Technologies to build Static Application Security Testing (SAST) products that help development teams and organizations deliver more secure software. 

“The Code Security market very much looks like the Code Quality market 10 years ago, niche and very fragmented. At SonarSource we are committed to disrupting this market, building the best products and having those adopted by all developers and development teams,” said Olivier Gaudin, the CEO and co-founder of SonarSource.