With the API, developers can now build experiences such as support conversations for field service to help coordinate things such as changes in takeout delivery orders with drivers, and secure, compliant conversations for financial services, in which bankers can have an integrated conversation with a customer on text and a partner on WhatsApp.

In addition, the company announced Media Streams, a new API that enables businesses to access, analyze and act on voice calls in real time. Features include real-time transcription, call center optimization, and conversational interfaces.

42Crunch announces OpenAPI editing tools
42Crunch announced a new release of its API security platform, which aims to simplify how developers define security in OpenAPI contracts.

“We believe developers are the most valuable intelligence when it comes to delivering better, simpler, automated API Security,” said Jacques Declas, CEO and founder of 42Crunch. “By using API contracts at the heart of security, you’re empowering them to be the driving force in defining security requirements and identifying risks from day one.”

The new enhancements for 42Crunch include the ability to run over 200 security checks of the OpenAPI specification definition, detailed feedback for security improvements, ability to view security issues in-line with contract based on severity level, and ability to edit directly in the new web user interface.

Accusoft announces integration with Cloud OCR and UiPath
Accusoft announced the release of new libraries that enable the robotic process automation (RPA) provider UiPath to provide users with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities in the cloud.

According to Accusoft, legacy systems rely on manual entry and the ability of Accusoft to extract data from image files and UiPath’s workflow engine aims to address this problem and to fully automate data entry.

“Accusoft’s primary purpose has long been to help our clients get their own software products to market in the most efficient way possible, using our world-class content processing and conversion tools. This new offering is an expansion of that purpose and goes a step further in helping our clients automate their work,” said Steve Wilson, VP of product at Accusoft.